Saturday, March 14, 2015

Making Minions with the Curvy Keepsake Die



Happy Friday the 13th everyone!  Today I thought I would finally pull out the Curvy Keepsake die and go to Pinterest to see all the different things you can do with this wonderful tool and I picked one to do tonight.  I just love the Minions so I selected one to give it a try....oh they are soo cute!!  You will be surprised at just how easy peasy this is!!


Arrange the Curvy Keepsake on the cardstock and put it through the Big Shot.  You will need to cut two of these.


The die automatically puts the score lines in when you put it through the Big Shot.
Fold at the score lines.
Curl the sides using the Stampin' Up! Bone Folder
Pinch the two sides with the larger hole in it together.
Then draw the other sides over the loop to close the box.
Here is our little curvy keepsake ready to be decorated any way we want!

Next to build the eye(s) - I cut out a piece of black strip for the goggle strap.  Then I used the 1" punch for the blue part of the eye.  Then a 5/8" in Whisper White and I used the Stampin Up 1/2" punch for the pupil.
Next I glued the eye together and took my white gel pin to add a touch of glimmer to the pupil.
 Glue on the black goggle strap and make sure it is level on both sides.  Then just trim off the edges that hang over the sides.
 I then glued on his eye and used a black pen to draw on his eyebrow and smile.  I whitened his teeth using my white gel pen....don't you wish it were that easy to whiten your teeth in real life!

Last but not least....draw on some hair and WALLA! have yourself a tiny minion to fill with wonderful surprises and candy!  What will you fill yours with?
 Have a wonderful time experimenting with your own Curvy Keepsake Die - get yours here!